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SWCP - Day 27 - Lizard to Coverack

sunny 22 °C

Steps / Distance: 34,818 23.77 km
Rating: moderate, strenuous in places

First day of the 2nd half of my Coastal Path walk (based on # days).
The rating was accurate, although I took the alternate inland route into Coverack which avoids "slippery cliffs". So I don't know how strenuous that section would have been.

Looking back at Lizard, the southernmost point

Housel Beach

My destination, Coverack, it at the end of the last point in the distance.

The Devil's Frying Pan, resulting from a collapsed cave

Nice break stop at Cadgwith Harbour

Then the stretch of Kennack Sands Beach, from various angles

A chaffinch, spotted with binoculars by a nearby walker/birds Potter

Lankidden Cove

Porthbeer Cove

And, after taking the alternate route, I arrived quickly in Coverack, a cute and very small village with another ale to try, this one from St. Austell

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SWCP - Day 26 - Porthleven to The Lizard

sunny 22 °C

Steps / Distance: 40,277 27.47 km
Rating: moderate

A few difficult sections, but mostly relatively flat(ish).
The guidebook said 7 hrs and I was close to 8, but that included a few breaks, so about right. My clothes were drenched with sweat within the first couple of hours. Warm day and little wind. Very nice. Heard quite a few complaints about walking in the heat as people passed. Had a few chats today; everyone has a close friend or relative living in Canada ๐Ÿ™‚. And whenever someone guesses I'm from the states, they apologize for the insult (not that I take it as such, but it's amusing).

Walked to Lizard, today; it's the southernmost point on UK mainland (I assume one has to specify mainland because, for example, Falkland Islands are bit further south ๐Ÿ™‚). The point on the far right is Lizard.

Looking back at Porthleven

Loe Bar, with water on both sides. No swimming allowed due to the strong current. The inland lake/pool is pretty

Gunwalloe Cove. And then, 4 coves later, Gunwalloe Church Cove. I knew there was a church tucked into the cove, but hadn't realized there were two coves when I started looking for the church. You can see the church on the right.

While using the facilities in the cove, I washed my pants, stained from yesterday's butt-slide in the sink, then hung them off my pack to dry.

Halfway through the day, I reached Poldhu Cove

And then, shortly thereafter, the Marconi monument to the first wireless transmission in 1901, which was sent to Newfoundland.

It was interesting to me to see the monument set along the path with nothing around it. Apparently, there's a visitor center nearby, but it's only open on certain Sundays. This is quite a contrast with the visitors centre and exhibit in St. John's Newfoundland, where we were last August. Here are a couple of pics from there.

Porthmellon and "the love rock" (Carrag-Luz). Not sure where the name comes from, although my first thought was that the grass on the left side looked a bit like a woman's hair (not so much in this pic, though)

This view, looking back all the way to Porthleven might be my favourite so far.

Predannack Wallos

Nice stepping stones to avoid the boggy mud

Beautiful Kynance Cove with a great swimming hole (where I also had a refreshing mango-passionfruit sorbet ๐Ÿ™‚

The b&b was welcoming, with a Canadian flag in my honour (also, Swiss, German, and French for other guests). It's a very nice touch. I note that you can also book to sleep in the helicopter. The info said: "If you have booked the Helicopter, please be aware that you will be staying in an actual ex Navy Lynx Helicopter." I have a regular room, but the helicopter option is interesting.

That was the 26th of 52 walking days, so I'm halfway through, although I won't reach the halfway marker for the trail until Friday.

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SWCP - Day 25 - Penzance to Porthleven

sunny 22 °C

Steps / Distance: 33,639 22.93 I'm
Rating: moderate - strenuous

I took the short bus ride to Marazion, since I'd already walked that distance yesterday. I couple of pics as I left Penzance
Sir Humphrey Davy, from Penzance, is known for discovering the anaesthetic use of laughing gas. The mural was on a mall near my hotel. And I've always loved toby mugs, a nice display in this shop.

Nice backward views of the Mount, with the low tide and the causeway open.
Backbreaking work picking cabbages.

Perranuthnoe Beach and the same beach from the other side.

For some reason, people stick coins in these two stumps. You can see some of the pennies have all but disintegrated.

As usual, lots of small and large coves. Kenneggy Cove.

Praa Sands Beach and Rinsey Cove. And Nichol's Cove and Piskies Cove.

More mining ruins; copper, maybe

I walked on and off with a Brit couple, and we searched in vain for a bench with a backrest until we were just outside Porthleven. It tough to have a good rest break without back support. Earlier, I'd used an old set of steps not part of the path and it worked ok, but not as comfy as a bench.

And finally arrived in Porthleven, with it's small harbour surrounded by touristy shops.
This guy is waiting for the fish to come in, according to the plaque.

Finally, me in my comfy chair in the loft bedroom

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SWCP - Day 24 - Penzance and St Michael's Mount

semi-overcast 18 °C

Steps / Distance: 28,372 19.41 km
Rating: n/a (easy promenade / beach walk from Penzance, approximately 1hr each way)

Along the promenade. The "surfers" were using a pogo-stick like contraption for bouncing across the water. Interesting. Some of them were better than others. The artwork installation is meant to represent the submerged trees that can, apparently, be seen at low tide and are based on photos of contributors interacting with the trees.

Since it was high tide, the walkable causeway was submerged, so I took the ferry.

According to the story, the remains of the giant that Jack killed are in this we'll and the giant's heart has turned to stone.

Pictures from the walk up to the castle

From the inside looking in and out. The model of the Mount is made from champagne corks. I tried to turn it into a selfie as well๐Ÿ˜

Inside the chapel and looking down on the gardens from above

You can see the causeway submerged under the tide. I would have liked to have been able to walk it.

The gardens were not vast, but very beautiful.

And on the walk back I peeked in at All Saints Church in Marazion. Love the decorative kneeling cushions.

The day started out looking like rain, but it cleared up to a sunnier afternoon. A pleasant way to spend the day, although a bit pricey at more than ยฃ30 for the ferry and tickets. I didn't go for the Afternoon Tea, which would have been 30 more.

Tomorrow, I'll take the morning bus to Marazion, since I've already walked there and back. It'll save at least an hour tomorrow plus I've already been to the Mount so I can walk on by without regrets.

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SWCP - Day 23 - St Just to Porthcurno to Penzance (bus)

overcast 18 °C

Steps / Distance: 33,482 22.82 km
Rating: moderate

When I looked out from the hostel this morning, it looked like a monsoon; pouring rain and swirling wind. By the time I'd finished breakfast, the rain had abated and the wind was light. Not knowing what to expect, I put on my weatherproofs and pack rain cover, and started off. My goal today was the Porthcurno bus stop, which runs every hour to Penzance. In my booking, I hadn't been able to get accommodation in Porthcurno or anywhere between the hostel and Penzance.

Low visibility in the morning, but brightened later on.

Rocky scrambles, beach walking and checking out the surfers making the most of small waves on my way to Land's End. This is the westernmost spot in England and there's a queue to have your pictures taken with the touristy sign.

I hurried to catch the 4pm bus, stopping for a few pics, including Nanjizal beach and coves unnamed on my map.

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