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April 24

Today was at sea. A couple of notes.

On Sunday, while we were at the afternoon tea (eating scones with Devon cream), one of our dinner table mates was on his balcony watching 5’ turtles and a super pod of 50 or so dolphins swimming and leaping next to the ship! Damn! I would have run to the deck to see the turtles. One of my bucket list items is to snorkel where there are lots of turtles.

Mark & Trudy (a couple we met) asked the hotel manager about their stateroom attendant, who had disappeared after the first few days. Apparently, he had a hernia operation, came back and immediately determined that it still wasn’t right, so they sent him to his home hospital, accompanied by a ship ‘care’ rep who ensures he receives the medical care he needs. He remains on full salary and all his medical and transportation costs are paid until he is back on the ship. The hotel manager said that they take care of their staff as well as they do their guests. He estimated it would cost more than $100k for the expenses.

One of the fellow morning walkers - the guy in black - walks a few laps and then (this is me surmising because I haven’t actually seen him do it) jumps in the shower and then walks again until his clothing dries - rinse and repeat. My surmising is the result of seeing him disappear periodically and come back soaking wet. But, he has more energy after returning and passes me. I think it was about 80 at 7 this morning while I did my 8k. With the small ship, that translates to 48 laps. A bit boring and not a turtle or dolphin in sight. Just endless ovals in the hot sun. My reward is bacon with breakfast :)

This afternoon, I won an autographed ship for answering a skill-testing question (actually, I think more for sitting front and centre and being loud). The next person who answered a question was deemed incorrect, but we disagreed with the verdict. So, we had a picture taken of us with the “life-changing” prize (as they call it) and then gave it to the gentleman who had been ‘wronged’ :). He and his wife were really happy. Apparently her great-grandfather helped build the Panama Canal and she was now going to see it for the first time.


There’s a Norovirus (upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea) outbreak on on the ship, so lots of extra precautions. We heard 60 passengers and 20 crew were quarantined, but we don’t know the accuracy of that rumour. There are no longer any communal items. The salt and pepper shakers and flavoured butter on the tables have vanished and you can no longer serve yourself in the caf. The crew are serving individual butter and pepper packs with 2-fork makeshift tongs. And everything, including us, is being virtually bathed in disinfectant at every turn. Pics: Zaandam passing us and a beautiful sunset.


Anzac Day (Australia)

This morning we are in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. It is a small peninsula where the ships dock. We walked around, took a few pics, and then stopped for cervezas and wifi at the most welcoming bar. It’s about 90 and very humid. The beer and the ice cream are going down well :)


The carvings are wood, not stone.


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