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July 2020

One year later...

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A year ago today, I bought a watch Fitbit (Charge 3) and started tracking my weight, calories and exercise. I had just recovered from my leg injury (see previous blog entries re Budapest) and was ready to increase my strength and lose the extra weight I packed on (again) and begin using really using the treadmill I'd bought in January.

So, in the last year, here are my treadmill (>560 hours) and my Fitbit stats (>5.5 Million steps):

The treadmill stats don't include my outside walking and biking, and, the Fitbit steps don't include biking, but I feel pretty good about the amount of exercise I've completed in the year.

And, as a result, I've reached my goal weight of between 120-125lbs:

Here are a few pics from my outside exercise treks, both from biking and walking:

You can just make out my friend on her bike in the path ahead...

This library is a current COVID victim.

The bear crossing sign gave me pause, but I'm pretty sure all the scat I saw was from the horses whose farms back onto the pathway - apparently, despite the signs requiring scooping, it's too onerous to scoop from horseback :)

And some pics of our new backyard patio, which has been fantastic for sitting in the shade in the hot summer with a cool drink :) First time ever, we've had somewhere to entertain friends outside.
Sorry, I haven't figured out how to rotate that last pic :) - Note the brick instead of an umbrella base - there are no bases to be found in Ottawa, although we've just finagled one from our friend's place. :)

It's interesting to see the flow of the shortages - first it was toilet paper, thermometers and PPE; then fitness equipment and bicycle parts; then canned pineapple and picante red pepper (pic below) - both of which I still can't seem to buy; and now umbrella stands and freezers (my friends seem to have purchased the last upright freezer in the capital region.

And below an update (from the last blog entry) of the front garden, which now sports a flower basket and our Mickey lawn ornament, which we've had for about 25 years, but didn't put out for fear of theft - but really, how much were we enjoying it in the basement?

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