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June 2018


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The last port of call was Victoria today. We decided to walk along the waterfront from the Ogden Point terminal to downtown, taking pictures along the way. After stopping for nachos and beer at the Bartholemew Pub, we walked back in time for an hour in the lounge and dinner.

Luggage saga continues. The bag was sent to Victoria, but not picked up from the airport for delivery to the port. I finally spoke to the airline at 5pm and told them it was too late to deliver; that they should return it to Seattle and hold it at the airport.

Added note Friday morning: the bag was waiting for us at the baggage claim and we’ve checked it on to Ottawa. Had that bag for 10 minutes :). Just enough time to expand it, add my purchased clothes and put on the luggage tag. Once I’m home, we can start the claims process for refunds.

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Tracy Arm Fjord

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This morning, we sailed as near as possible in a ship this size to the Sawyer Glacier in Tracy Arm. I was very happy with the pics :)


In the family photo, Steve, my hubby is in the middle with his Mom and brother.

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Historic Skagway

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Incredible history here in Skagway, especially considering what is known as the Klondike gold rush only actually only lasted 2 years. By that time all the gold fields were claimed and the hundreds that arrived at the end of the rush were turned away, after having travelled a year or more to get here. The history is fairly well represented, if you ignore the ever-present cruiseline-recommended diamond and tanzanite shops.

We spent about 3 hours. We watched the film in the national park tourist office. Unfortunately, with multiple ships in port, the park’s guided walking tours were sold out, but we followed their well-mapped self-guided tour; there is a short version #1-15 on the map and a longer version that includes 23 stops. I’d recommend the shorter one as the last 6 stops were much less interesting.


And. On the luggage front . . . apparently, Air Canada argued with Royal, saying the ship itinerary did not include Skagway and the next stop was Victoria. They seemed adamant that Air Canada would know this better than the cruise line. So, they say the luggage should arrive in Victoria on the day before we arrive back in Seattle. Just in time to pay luggage fees to fly home. :)

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We enjoyed a full day excursion in Juneau, starting with a necessarily short city tour by bus (small town area), 1.5 hrs at the Mendenhall glacier, and ending with a whale watching tour.

Although Juneau is more than 4000 square miles, it has a population of only just over 32,000 (up to 48,000 when multiple large cruise ships are in town). Juneau is the largest state capital, geographically (fun fact). Also interesting is that there are only 100 miles of paved roads and they said we covered more than 50% of them during our tour.

The glacier is no longer near the road, since it is retreating by about a foot per year.


We grabbed the first bus going to the whale tour, which was fortuitous because we then had an extra 1/2 hour to see whales. We were also happy the whale watching was the last scheduled event because the rain stopped and it was (almost) sunny in the late afternoon.

As it turned out, we only saw one whale, a humpback granny named Sasha, who is 80-90 years old. All the whales are named and are identified by their distinctive tail markings. We saw Sasha 5 times and each time we saw a dive including the tail, which is apparently quite rare.


On the drive back the bus driver, who hails from Smithers BC, told us he hooked a 31lb chum salmon from his kayak. He said it towed him around for more than 20 minutes, but he was finally able to reel it in and net it. It is in his freezer. Seemed a shame not to cook it up fresh, but pretty big for one person, of course. Thought Drew might like that story.

Re the continuing saga of our luggage - apparently the courier contracted by the airline, delivered the bag to the Airbnb at midnight Friday night. Not very useful since we were already on the ship. Not sure how we could have made it more clear to the airline. They had our itinerary and we spoke to them several times.

The cruise ship concierge is still talking to the airline to try to have it delivered to us. In the meantime, they’ve washed all my clothes for free. Very nice. And I have a voucher for another wash tomorrow.

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Alaska - on board

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Saturday - day at sea.

I put my newly-purchased clothes to good use, including the dress I bought for tonight’s formal night. I had no jewelry and ugly shoes, but the dress was nice :) we are having fun laughing ruefully about our luggage. We have help from the concierge (Jayeon) who is trying to locate it for us and, hopefully, have it delivered to Juneau. She’s also given me a free laundry voucher, which is very nice.

We have an inside cabin with a virtual balcony. Nice view of what the outside would look like if we could see out.


We’ve played a few games. Here’s Energy Empire - Manhattan Project :)

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