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May 2020

Pandemic life

Like everyone else, we have not been travelling and have had to cancel bookings, including a trip to Europe this summer. Luckily for me, I work from home and have been able to continue to work throughout the pandemic. I wanted to post a couple of pics.

First, here's a picture of me. For the first time ever, I asked my hubby to cut my hair. I couldn't stand having it in my eyes or long on my neck and there are no hairdressers open in this time of physical distancing. I asked him to trim it and try not to leave me looking too weird afterward - basically the same instruction I give my hairdresser. :)

The next picture is my front yard. Since a few businesses were allowed to reopen this week, we hired a landscaping firm to pretty up our garden, which included making is significantly smaller, adding a membrane barrier, topsoil, mulch. I plan to buy a planter of flowers to plunk down in the space (and probably replace them every year or more frequently if I kill them off) :). Anyway, I'm very happy with the outcome.

Anyway, a couple of pictures of my life at home. Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

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