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One year later...

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A year ago today, I bought a watch Fitbit (Charge 3) and started tracking my weight, calories and exercise. I had just recovered from my leg injury (see previous blog entries re Budapest) and was ready to increase my strength and lose the extra weight I packed on (again) and begin using really using the treadmill I'd bought in January.

So, in the last year, here are my treadmill (>560 hours) and my Fitbit stats (>5.5 Million steps):

The treadmill stats don't include my outside walking and biking, and, the Fitbit steps don't include biking, but I feel pretty good about the amount of exercise I've completed in the year.

And, as a result, I've reached my goal weight of between 120-125lbs:

Here are a few pics from my outside exercise treks, both from biking and walking:

You can just make out my friend on her bike in the path ahead...

This library is a current COVID victim.

The bear crossing sign gave me pause, but I'm pretty sure all the scat I saw was from the horses whose farms back onto the pathway - apparently, despite the signs requiring scooping, it's too onerous to scoop from horseback :)

And some pics of our new backyard patio, which has been fantastic for sitting in the shade in the hot summer with a cool drink :) First time ever, we've had somewhere to entertain friends outside.
Sorry, I haven't figured out how to rotate that last pic :) - Note the brick instead of an umbrella base - there are no bases to be found in Ottawa, although we've just finagled one from our friend's place. :)

It's interesting to see the flow of the shortages - first it was toilet paper, thermometers and PPE; then fitness equipment and bicycle parts; then canned pineapple and picante red pepper (pic below) - both of which I still can't seem to buy; and now umbrella stands and freezers (my friends seem to have purchased the last upright freezer in the capital region.

And below an update (from the last blog entry) of the front garden, which now sports a flower basket and our Mickey lawn ornament, which we've had for about 25 years, but didn't put out for fear of theft - but really, how much were we enjoying it in the basement?

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Pandemic life

Like everyone else, we have not been travelling and have had to cancel bookings, including a trip to Europe this summer. Luckily for me, I work from home and have been able to continue to work throughout the pandemic. I wanted to post a couple of pics.

First, here's a picture of me. For the first time ever, I asked my hubby to cut my hair. I couldn't stand having it in my eyes or long on my neck and there are no hairdressers open in this time of physical distancing. I asked him to trim it and try not to leave me looking too weird afterward - basically the same instruction I give my hairdresser. :)

The next picture is my front yard. Since a few businesses were allowed to reopen this week, we hired a landscaping firm to pretty up our garden, which included making is significantly smaller, adding a membrane barrier, topsoil, mulch. I plan to buy a planter of flowers to plunk down in the space (and probably replace them every year or more frequently if I kill them off) :). Anyway, I'm very happy with the outcome.

Anyway, a couple of pictures of my life at home. Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

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Cozumel, Costa Maya and the last day at sea

I walked into Cozumel by myself and wandered along the road next to the beaches - mostly filled with bars, restaurants and kiosks selling all manner of excursions.

The following day, we strolled around the Costa Maya port area, with its diamond and tourist trinket shops and dolphin encounters and bars. What a difference from our first time at this port! Several years ago, we decided to see the Tulum on our own, avoiding the $100 per person shore excursion fee. We walked out of the port and flagged down the collectivo (local bus) to Tulum and then back again to the port. It was fantastically cheap - a total of $11 - $5 for the bus and $3 each for the entry to the ruins. But (and there’s always a but), when we got back to the port, they would not let us walk in and forced a taxi driver to take us along with the existing fare. So we thought we’d just give the other taxi patrons 1/2 the fare cost. It turned out - we learned this much too late - the two women in the cab had been robbed and the cabbie was taking them back to the ship for free. Had we known, we would have paid the driver, of course. Anyway, it was an interesting experience. This time we just took a few pics in the port area, enjoying the walk around.

Finished yesterday with a great meal in the Izumi specialty restaurant.

Today is a lazy day at sea. We’re getting a few things done we’d missed so far, like a milkshake at Johnny Rockets and our free pulls at the casino - Steve won $27! Which partially paid for the pub beer we had afterwards. They don’t have good beer in our free lounge, so it was nice to have a good stout.

We’ll be walking off the ship early to catch an 11am flight back home. It’s been a great vacay and nice to visit with Steve’s family. Also, we had great table mates at dinner and in the lounge, with whom we’ve also chatted around the ship. This is our favourite ship and brother-in-law Jim said the same.

From our balcony, this afternoon. Another beautiful day in paradise :)

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Nassau & Cozumel

Well, a bit of a misnomer. We are docked near Cozumel, but we probably won’t get off the ship. It’s a cab ride anywhere and I’m not a fan of Cozumel anyway, having been here many times.

Tuesday afternoon, we strolled around Nassau and ended up having a decent IPA at the Irish pub. We had a great dinner in the specialty restaurant, Chops. I had a 16oz rib-eye that was perfect. Fantastic. The other three all had the 9oz filet, which was done to each of their specifications. The sides and the dessert were also great and we asked for a slower meal so the service was not at all rushed.

Yesterday was a lazy day at sea and this morning we’ve pulled into Cozumel. Currently, sitting on the balcony with my tablet.

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This is day two in the Bahamas. We left Ft Lauderdale on Allure of the Seas on Sunday after a less than satisfactory night at an Airbnb. The beds were comfortable, but there were some cleanliness issues with the kitchen, leftover garbage and the sheets on one of the beds. Luckily we were 4 (travelling with Steve’s Mom and brother) and there were 5 beds, so we were able to avoid the less clean option.

A nice walk around the park next door to the airbnb, which is one of the most efficiently organized sports parks I've seen. Lots of walking and cycling trails, but also fields for all manner of sports and even a dog obstacle course. I ran around the bases of the largest baseball diamond. My first home run :)


Fastest boarding process ever on Sunday. We had no line up at all and breezed right on board at about noon. The first full day was at Royal Caribbean’s newly established island which they like to call Perfect Day at Coco Cay. It’s been open less than a year, with some areas not yet finished. We were the only ship that day - I don’t know if that is the norm, but it made for a great experience. There were more than enough deck chairs / umbrellas and minimal lines for food and drink. The last pic shows the cabanas you could rent for $350 or so a day. We declined :) and just used the free loungers and umbrellas.


This morning we’ve arrived in Nassau and we’ll be here until 2. We haven’t decided if we’ll go into town, having been here several times and since Mom and Jim seem to be planning to stay on board. So far we are loving the ship, as always - this is our favourite class of ship, with Central Park right around the corner from our cabin. Mamma Mia was well done and we enjoyed the diving/water show Ocean Aria last night. Adding a few pics...

The view from our balcony right now, with Navigator of the Seas pulled up along side, slightly dwarfed by us. And you can't see the Carnival Sunshine behind it, but lots of people streaming out to go on shore.

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